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Conditions of Use

Welcome to read the Condition of Use ("Agreement") at our North Face online shop. We are committed to providing an easy and enjoyable shopping experience. We want you to know that we value our customers and do everything we can to provide you with the highest level of customer service while we protect your privacy and provide you with a truly secure site. Please review our E-shop information and policies below.

1. Accept the Agreement.

Once access our site means that you agree that you have entered into the agreement with the company, and you will be subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement constraint. This site could at any time at its sole discretion to change the agreement. Such as the provisions of any changes will not especially notice online, please timely pay attention here. If you do not agree to the change must stop using the Service. Revised Agreement will be announced immediately take effect automatically. First login, you should carefully read the revised provisions, and the right to choose to refrain from continuing to use the Service; Once you continue to use the service, you indicate that you have accepted the revised provisions; when you dispute with this site, it should be based on the latest service agreement. Unless otherwise expressly stated, any "service" extends or enhancements are subject to this Agreement. Unless a written agreement signed by the senior management of the Company's authorized, the agreement can not be amended.

2. Copyright and Trademark

Rights related to this website owned by North Face Company and its affiliated companies.

All content (text messages, data, images, trademarks, logos, logo, design, etc.) within this website subject to its copyright law, industrial property law, such as the protection of the laws and regulations in China and other countries, anyone without permission, you are not allowed to sales, tampering, reproduce, display, dissemination and commercial use for the purpose of using these content.

The information provided on this website will be as far as possible within a certain range efforts to provide correct and up-to-date information. However, the information provided on this website, including the link of the correctness and completeness of the information on this website does not make any guarantee. The use of this site, this site meets your purpose of use by responsible Please make judgments.

3. Disclaimer

We take no responsibility for any damage that occurs due to the use of the information provided on this website or any damage that may occur to. My company makes no commitment to update or revise the information provided in this website will be timely. The site have the right to change the contents of this website without prior notice or suspend posted.

4. Product Orders

Due to force majeure or logistics, IT technical support, the site has the right to decide whether to accept all the orders placed through the website; that means (but not limited to) the orders for the website before the final confirmation, the site have the right to refuse to accept or cancel the order application. Laws and regulations within the scope permitted by the website reserves the final interpretation of the product orders. If you pay was canceled orders, the site should issue you a credit card account credited to prove.

5. Legality

The site has a website maintenance and content of civilization gatekeeper rights, please do not publish on this website or publication insulting, harassing, threatening, defamatory, obscene, fraudulent use of another person's name, fraudulent, misleading, violate others' copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights of the invasion of privacy or publicity rights, in violation of the site or the other rights, illegal, or objectionable. Please do not upload commercial content on the site or through the Web site to recruit members for other commercial online service or organization. We will ask you to agree to additional terms of use in the registration, to ensure that the user-generated content published on this website or published.

6. Please Note:

If you find that you publish on the website of these restrictive content, or malicious programs way issued / canceled orders, or damage the goods caused by quality problems to apply a returns, or many times no reason to reject or returns, or forged order hotlinking sale, the site will have the right to decide whether or not to restrict your rights in this website and promotions, including (but not limited to): limit your member account and personal information, limit the enjoyment of mall shopping deals and activities, limit the purchase of mall merchandise, termination of orders and accounts, or disable access to this website. The site reserve investigated corresponding tort liability rights.

7. Privacy

The site is committed to protecting your privacy. Regulate the handling of personally identifiable information and other information that you connect the website terms and conditions have been described in our privacy notice.

8. Term and Termination

The conditions of use are applicable to the whole process of your visit to this site. The website reserves the unilateral decision to terminate or restrict your use of the powers of the website, the site have no obligation to inform you without any reason, and does not assume any responsibility to you or to any third party. In addition, our company may at any time terminate all or part of the terms of the "condition of use", and the site has no obligation to inform you without any reason.